Sunday School

Weekly Meetings

Available to all ages 

Every Sunday,  9:45am -10:45am

September - May

*Each age group has an "Anchorage Word", a one word description of the learning at each level. 


Pre school-Kindergarten

“To introduce and immerse students in the truth that Jesus loves them”

This is the basic fundamental truth that we as Christians operate on. Their need is to have these truths shared consistently in their lives. This allows for a frame of reference when they begin more in-depth learning.

Elementary (1-4 Grade)

“To begin exploring the nature of God and explain why Jesus Loves them”

This is the transition phase for the learners, where through the process of exploring the nature of God through Bible stories and study of Scripture, they will begin to connect the various aspects of the Bible and Christ.  


Confirmation (5&6 Grade)

“To build foundational knowledge of the beliefs of the Christian Faith & Lutheran Church.”

Jr. High (7&8 Grade)

“To explore the larger implications of how the belief in Christ effects the student’s worldview”

Here is the place where kids receive the knowledge and in-depth answers to the fundamental beliefs of their Faith, meaning the 6 chief parts of Doctrine as found in Luther’s catechism. They begin diving in to become connected with their Father in heaven who they have heard so much about.
This is the time where kids start asking lots of questions, where they begin to wonder about the world, their lives, what is right and wrong. This time is dedicated to answering those questions and providing them with a fuller picture of Christian beliefs.


HAVEN (9-12 Grade)

“To aid and equip students to live out their faith in everyday life”

Adult Bible Study

“To introduce and immerse students in the truth that Jesus loves them”

This is the time to help students take full ownership of their faith. This is the last time they will have at home before they leave to face the world on their own. It serves to solidify the knowledge they have learned, to prepare the youth to face the challenges of the world, and to give them opportunities to apply what they have learned and live out their faith in Christ.
Adult education is a unique Ministry in that is needs to cater to both those who are experienced in Faith, and those who are new to it. The word strengthen has two meanings. Not only to make something stronger than it already was, but also to make something that was weak strong. The goal is to be the tools that allow God to strengthen the congregation, whether that be by enhancing fellowship, knowledge, and Faith, or by forging it anew.